Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review – Draft Local Plan Consultation

Please note: This consultation has now closed

Welcome to the Consultation Draft Central Lincolnshire Local Plan. This is the first opportunity to view and comment on the new Local Plan which is proposed to replace the Local Plan adopted in 2017. This consultation follows on from an Issues and Options Consultation which was held in June and July 2019.

This revised plan builds on the strengths of the existing plan and looks to address the changing challenges particularly arising at a national and global level.

Since the last plan was adopted in 2017, the expected impacts of climate change have come into sharper focus and the implications of not acting now will have disastrous effects.  The Central Lincolnshire authorities have committed to responding positively to climate change and the Local Plan is one of many areas where this can be addressed. 

This draft Local Plan proposes some significant policies aimed at addressing climate change in making new development more energy efficient, through the generation of renewable energy and through providing a positive framework for addressing emissions and to ensure that Central Lincolnshire can become a carbon neutral area across the lifetime of the plan.

It is recognised that this climate change chapter is introducing substantial new planning policy to Central Lincolnshire but we feel that it is essential that we do our bit to combat climate change.  These policies are underpinned by a range of evidence documents and has been tested through a Whole Plan Viability Assessment.  We recognise the challenges that this new policy area presents and so are particularly interested in understanding what you think.

However, this plan is not only about climate change, but about all of the other things we value about our area and the wider challenges we face.  The plan also addresses housing, employment, shopping, design, landscape, the natural and historic environment, infrastructure and more.  We welcome any views and comments on any of the draft policies, supporting text, or maps throughout the document and any associated evidence.

This is your chance to comment on the plan before it is finalised for submission to the planning inspectorate for examination.

The consultation runs for 8 weeks from 30 June to 24 August 2021 and you can submit your comments by:

  • Using the consultation hub;
  • By submitting completed response forms by email to talkplanning@central-lincs.org.uk; or
  • By submitting completed response forms by post to Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Team, Districts Council Offices, Kesteven Street, Sleaford, NG34 7EF

Please see below list of documents for the response form and main consultation documents.

To view the Draft Local Plan Policies Map click here (opens in a new window).

Please ensure you submit your comments before the close of the consultation as late submissions will not be accepted.

This consultation has now closed.


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    30 Jun 2021 at 17:00
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    24 Aug 2021 at 23:59