Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review – Draft Local Plan Consultation

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Response Details
From A J Hughes
Agent Boothby Property Consultancy L…
Date Started: 11 Aug 2021 08:47. Last modified: 11 Aug 2021 08:47
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Policy S33 – Thorpe Grange Bungalow – Lincoln Enterprise Park, Newark Road, Aubourn, Lincoln

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It is our view that the above Policy (S33) does sufficiently provide for the inclusion of Employment areas outside established settlements and this site has not in our opinion been adequately considered.

The site was originally submitted through the Housing & Economic Land – Site Suggestion Form dated 28 February 2019 and it has not been included in the current Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Consultation Draft dated June 2021. It is our view that the site should be included as it is adjacent to existing commercial enterprises and represents an opportunity to further expand rural enterprise.

Further, a recent Planning Appeal for the construction of additional buildings on adjoining land which is effectively an expansion of Lincoln Enterprise Park has been successful (APP/R2520/W/20/3254834) and this further emphasises the suitability of the adjoining land for development.

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