Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review – Draft Local Plan Consultation

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Response Details
From A, A & D Hughes & J Allison
Agent Boothby Property Consultancy L…
Date Started: 11 Aug 2021 14:31. Last modified: 11 Aug 2021 14:31
Status Complete
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It is our view that the above Policies (S4 and S5) do not sufficiently provide for the inclusion of significant residential development in and around designated Large, Medium and Small Villages. The site [NK/SKEL/003 – Land at Jerusalem Farm Yard, 63 Jerusalem Road, Skellingthorpe] is situated adjacent to the village of Skellingthorpe which is identified as a Large Village within the Consultation Draft of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review dated June 2021. The site is identified as a “reasonable alternative” and it is our view that the site should be allocated for development on the basis that it is immediately available for development as set out in the initial proposals put forward and as specified in the documents (NK/SKEL/003) within the Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report for the Draft Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (June 2021) – Appendix 3.2: Sustainability Appraisal of Preferred Housing Site Allocations and Reasonable Alternatives Considered. Page 724.

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