Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review – Draft Local Plan Consultation

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Response Details
From bardney community group (mr st…
Date Started: 18 Aug 2021 10:23. Last modified: 18 Aug 2021 10:32
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Policy 49 Community Facilities

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Firstly, may I congratulate all the members of the team for such a comprehensive local plan. It establishes a positive future for Central Lincolnshire. We could not find any specific areas of concern, so it is with great pleasure we offer our full support. We noted many element which will affect Bardney and surrounding villages. Those which presented as new opportunities, such as Policy 49 Community Facilities are particularly welcome. Our current project of building a new sports and shopping complex in Bardney village fits perfectly with the local plan's objectives. It will mean a slight change to the allocated land WL/BARD/008 which has support for housing. I am sure planning officers would look favourably on the additional community services our plans provide.

Our group has established through extensive research the difficulties facing our rural communities. Whilst some are not easily resolved other can now be considered achievable when the Local Plan 2021 becomes the blueprint that allow planning and funding to be supported. I enclose an updated draft of our project and look forward to presenting this to the community when the land acquisition negotiations and funding options are complete.