Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review – Draft Local Plan Consultation

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Date Started: 25 Aug 2021 16:53. Last modified: 25 Aug 2021 16:57
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Anglian Water works with Councils, within whose areas we operate to ensure that water supply and recycling investment and operation can support existing and planned new communities as required by paragraph 20 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Anglian Water welcomes the CLdLP as supports solar energy as part of residential development (para 3.2.5). The Plan also seeks the deployment of further solar (para 3.3.4) and identifies that this will necessarily require land to deliver the scale of solar PV sought by the Councils. With reference to para155 of the NPPF, Anglian Water consider that utility sites are a suitable location for solar installations as they have existing low- level development which serves local communities and business. Our sites also have existing transmission infrastructure which enables the water supply and water recycling facilities to operate. Exiting utility sites therefore provide a sustainable and low embedded carbon option to deliver decentralised energy as sought by part c) of para 155 of the NPPF. Anglian Water recognises that local planning authorities (LPA) want to support the transition to net zero carbon. We therefore support draft Policy S13: Renewable Energy and want to ensure Anglian Water’s proposals for local renewable energy generation proposals can be supported by the relevant LPA.

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Anglian Water continues to work within the existing planning system and engages proactively with LPAs and county planning authorities as well as the local communities we serve to ensure that proposals are shaped by local considerations. We plan that applications at water treatment and water recycling sites will be brought forward and waste applications would be considered by Lincolnshire County Council. Depending on the site and scope of the proposal an application for renewables development at sites such as the Canwick Water Recycling Centre could be a matter for either the county – as it relates to waste operations -
or Lincoln City Council.

We support the position that the adopted Local Plan would be the principal policy against which to determine a renewable energy application at utility sites as it would include relevant policy. This is not withstanding that the Minerals and Waste Local Plan (Appendix 2) identifies the Canwick STW, for example, an existing waste site at which development would be considered against the policies in the 2016 Core Strategy including Policy DM2 Climate Change. Until the CLLP is adopted it would have limited weight in determining applications and the key policy may that set out in the NPPF. This would include Annex 3 of the NPPF which identifies Solar farms as essential infrastructure and para 151 of the NPPF which identifies that developers of renewable energy projects may wish to set out the ‘wider environmental benefits associated with increased production of energy from renewable sources’ as part of demonstrating very special circumstances at Green Bely sites. Para. 152 goes onto say that ‘the planning system should support the transition to a low carbon future … and support renewable and low carbon energy and associated infrastructure.’

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