Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review – Draft Local Plan Consultation

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Response Details
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Date Started: 25 Aug 2021 17:04. Last modified: 25 Aug 2021 17:04
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We note that on the CLdLP Proposals Map the Canwick WRC is within the proposed Canwick to Washingborough Green Wedge (Policy S62) previously designated under the 2017 Local Plan (Policy LP22). Anglian Water considers that the approach of identifying exceptions to the policy is a balanced response to existing development including essential infrastructure within the Green Wedges and that infrastructure should be supported to enable existing communities to function and housing growth to occur elsewhere. The draft Plan and this consultation provide an opportunity to amend the policy, so that it is more sympathetic towards renewable energy. We note the intention with the explanation in para. 11.4.5 that part b) of the policy may include development required by a utility provider to fulfil statutory obligations. We read this as including Anglian Water’s and the UK’s own net carbon zero obligations which can be facilitated through renewable energy generation as supported by Policy S13. We do not object to the policy and instead consider that the purposes should be amended to include a fifth bullet to read:

• Provision of essential and renewable energy infrastructure the design of which provides for or supports the above policy aims

The amendment would make the draft Plan consistent and effective through reflecting the Councils’ climate change objectives and renewable energy policies and enabling existing sites to bring forward applications to generate their own electricity.

As set out in the Savills Planning letter dated 11 November 2020 to the county council it is Anglian Water’s view that a solar scheme at the Canwick WRC would not be contrary to the existing Local Plan policy including Policy LP22 on Green Wedges. When utility sites are technically suitable for renewables, we would want to maximise the generation of low carbon energy. This is in part to get to net zero as soon as possible but also recognises that the renewables development itself as embedded carbon in its construction. Maximising the use of the existing infrastructure at an existing site then minimises the need new for roads and supporting infrastructure on new sites with its attendant impacts including proportionally more embedded carbon. This would necessarily mean that the energy generated exceeds the sites own requirements.

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