Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review – Draft Local Plan Consultation

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Date Started: 03 Sep 2021 13:04. Last modified: 13 Oct 2021 11:16
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Beal has land interests in Dunholme as shown in Appendix 1 and other land as shown in separate representations. The site is referenced as WL/DUNH/001 in the Residential Allocations Evidence Report (HOU002e, Appendix 3). The site was rejected as it is constrained by access and within a designated green wedge.

Whilst we note that part of the site is within the designated green wedge as shown on the policies map, this area could be used for areas of open space and biodiversity net gain rather than for built form. This would have a wider benefit to the local community and would be accessible either through the development or via the adjacent bridleway.

Whilst we note the concerns around access, it would be possible to create an access by purchasing an adjacent dwelling fronting Market Rasen Road, or through wider allocation of sites to the east of Dunholme through comprehensive masterplanning.

In reviewing the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) (STA004g) we have the following comments to make:

• The site is an actively farmed field and is unlikely to contain any valuable biodiversity. It is considered that biodiversity net gain could be achieved on the site and therefore it follows it site could be scored with a ‘+’ for 4.1.
• Whilst we note the --/? Score for Landscape and Townscape due to the Green Wedge, the masterplanning of the site can ensure that this is avoided and open space, landscaping or for biodiversity net gain.

Employment - we feel fails to consider the short to medium term impact of construction employment.

Education, Training and Learning – Should also consider the opportunities for local skills and training for construction work through the development which Beal would be willing to consider. There is an identified skills shortage in the construction sector, which this development could help to address through S106 obligations.

Beal note the community issues raised in the Dunholme Neighbourhood Plan including the following:

• Need for small homes for elderly and young people;
• Maintain the rural ‘feel’ of the village;
• Improve infrastructure;
• Enhancing green space, sports provision and footpaths; and
• Local design and character of new development.

Beal believe development of this site, could address all of the above by facilitating bridleway upgrades, looking at greater pedestrian and cycle connectivity into the village. Further the green wedge area of the site can be utilised for open/green space to serve the wider village. It is also well connected to facilities within the village.

Beal also have a history of building high-quality developments including more bespoke dwellings which reflect the local vernacular and context. This is something which Beal would like to liaise with local stakeholders on, alongside looking at appropriate housing mix to meet local demands.

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