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Date Started: 03 Sep 2021 14:58. Last modified: 03 Sep 2021 14:58
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Policy S79: Housing Sites in Large Villages – Welton

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The land at Prebend Lane is split into two different allocations. These are:
• WL/WELT/007, and
• WL/WELT/011.

WL/WELT/007 is proposed for the allocation of 104 new homes. Beal fully support this position and believe it represents a sensible extension of the village and of the
development currently under construction by them.

WL/WELT/011 is proposed for re-allocation for 350 dwellings with no site-specific
requirements as the site is already considered to benefit from a planning permission.
Therefore, this allocation would be consistent with that of the adopted Plan.

However, this overall housing allocation figure fails to account for land which has been safeguarded for future housing by Beal through their previous planning applications. This safeguarded land is presented in the drawings in Appendix 3 from the now approved and being built out reserved matters application (Planning Reference: 135006). The safeguarded land is appropriate for development of approximately a further 100 dwellings.

Should this safeguarded land not be able to come forward it would create a fragmented area which would be located between recreational land associated with the current Beal development, housing being built out and allocation WL/WELT/007. From a spatial perspective it forms a clear and logical extension of the village in accordance with previous applications. Furthermore, it can be positively designed into the scheme being developed by Beal in terms of connectivity, drainage, infrastructure and open space at benefit to the wider allocation.

We therefore propose that the Policy for WL/WELT/007 is amended so it reads as
follows (amends in bold):


Beal has land interests in Dunholme as shown in Appendix 2 under reference
WL/DUNH/002 in the Local Plan evidence base which is 4.55 hectares and has an
indicative capacity of c.100 dwellings. A concept plan has been provided in Appendix 4 for the site.

There is an inconsistency between the Residential Allocations Evidence Report 2021
(HOU002e) and the Housing Sites Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Appendix 3.3 (STA004g) with the former stating the site capacity is 85 dwellings and the SA stating it is 102.

HOU002e states that the site is not allocated as it extends away from the settlement and is in areas of flood risk. However, it should be noted as shown in figure 2.1 below, that only a very limited portion of the site, limited to the southern boundary, is located in areas of risk of flooding. Further, the site could easily design around this constraint by placing open space and landscaped areas within this area.

We are therefore content that flood risk does not pose a constraint to the development of the site more widely subject to appropriate design.

The village is currently being expanded westward through the existing allocations in
Dunholme, whilst development to the north and south would be inappropriate due to
coalescence and breaking across the A46 respectively. As such, we believe that expansion eastward represents the next logical expansion of the village. The expansion would allow for upgrades to the adjacent bridleway to the west and north, and could improve connectivity into the village looking at pedestrian cycle movements. Furthermore, the SA does not identify the site as having a landscape or visual impact.

In reviewing the SA (STA004g) we have the following comments to make:
• The site is an actively farmed field and is unlikely to contain any valuable
biodiversity. It is considered that biodiversity net gain could be achieved on the
site and therefore it follows it site could be scored with a ‘+’ for 4.1.
• 14.1: Employment - we feel fails to consider the short to medium term impact of
construction employment.
• 14.2: Education, Training and Learning – Should also consider the opportunities
for local skills and training for construction work through the development which Beal would be willing to consider. There is an identified skills shortage in the
construction sector, which this development could help to address through S106

As such, and to boost the delivery of homes, we believe that this site is capable of
allocation and there are no overriding technical reasons which would prevent development for residential uses.

Beal note the community issues raised in the Dunholme Neighbourhood Plan including the following:

• Need for small homes for elderly and young people;
• Maintain the rural ‘feel’ of the village;
• Improve infrastructure;
• Enhancing green space, sports provision and footpaths; and
• Local design and character of new development.

Beal believe development of this site, could address all of the above by facilitating
bridleway upgrades, looking at greater pedestrian and cycle connectivity into the village, to which it is well located close to existing facilities.

Beal also has a history of building high-quality developments including more bespoke
dwellings which reflect the local vernacular and context. This is something which Beal would like to liaise with local stakeholders

A concept plan has been provided in Appendix 4 which shows how the site could be
design in accordance with the principle set out in 2.19 above.


These representations have been prepared on behalf of Beal Developments Ltd in
response to the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review Regulation 18 consultation.

Whilst we are supportive of the spatial strategy presented by the Council, we believe that the Plan should not be planning for a range of dwellings per annum. Instead, the upper figure of 1,325 dwellings per annum should be chosen as a minimum housing target. This would ensure the economic growth which has been identified across the Council area, but also support the national target of significantly boosting housing delivery.

Beal has land interests at both Welton and Dunholme which are identified as large villages in the settlement hierarchy, and therefore appropriate growth is considered acceptable.

Whilst we support the continued allocation of WL/WELT/011, the area identified also
covers safeguarded land for housing previously identified by Beal. However, this
safeguarded land, which is capable of accommodating c.100 further new homes, does not appear to be reflect in the overall housing figure for the site. We have proposed changes to the policy wording to allow for approximately 450 homes rather than 350.

WL/DUNH/002 in Dunholme: We have presented reasons why we believe the site is
capable of accommodating growth in the village which is currently constrained to the
north and south technically, and with ongoing developments to the west. As such, we believe the site should be allocated for development over the plan period for c.100 homes.

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