Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review - Recommended Main Modifications

Welcome to the Recommended Main Modifications Consultation.

During the examination hearing sessions held during November and December 2022, a number of proposed changes ('Main Modifications') to the Local Plan have been identified. These changes are likely to be required to address concerns identified by the Inspectors, or representors. These changes will, it is considered, make the submitted Plan 'sound' and legally compliant (without prejudice to the Inspectors' eventual consideration of the Plan), and therefore enable the Plan to be adopted. In January 2023 the Inspectors wrote to the Committee and advised them to consult on the Recommended Main Modifications. 

The consultation will be made up of 3 modifications documents:

  • The schedule of Recommended Main Modifications - the changes considered to be needed to ensure that plan meets the tests of soundness;
  • The schedule of Additional 'Minor' Modifications - additional changes needed, for example, to correct typological errors, to improve presentation, or correct factual inaccuracies, which taken as a whole do not materially impact the policies in the plan; and
  • The schedule of Recommended Policies Map Modifications - changes to the maps accompanying the plan which provide a geographic representation of the policies.

These documents, along with the Sustainability Appraisal of the Main Modifications and the Habitats Regulations Assessment of the Main Modifications, are available to view and download below, and are also available to view and download from the Planning Policy Library (opens in a new window) under the Local Plan Review and supporting information heading, documents STA026-STA030. 

The consultation will run for 6 weeks from 13 January to 24 February 2023.

The focus of this consultation is the Recommended Main Modifications. However, for completeness, the Additional 'Minor' Modifications and Recommended Policies Maps Modifications are also included within the consultation.

If you wish to make comments on any of the modifications, we encourage you to submit your comments by emailing talkplanning@central-lincs.org.uk. However, comments can also be made by post to Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Team, c/o North Kesteven District Council, District Council Offices, Kesteven Street, Sleaford, NG34 7EF.    

When submitting comments, you must quote the Modification reference number (such as 'MM1', 'Minor1' or 'Mapmod1' for example) that you are commenting on and your comments should reach us by 11.59 pm on 24 February 2023.

This consultation is about the Recommended Modifications only. All comments received will be forwarded to the Local Plan Inspectors (via the Programme Officer) and will be considered when writing their Inspectors' Report; they will not be considered by the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee, unless the Inspectors ask the Committee to respond to any.

This consultation is now closed.


  • Opened
    13 Jan 2023 at 11:00
  • Closed
    24 Feb 2023 at 23:59