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Response #1031103

Response #1031103
From Bassingham Parish Council (mr…
Date Started: 13 Aug 2021 11:17. Last modified: 13 Aug 2021 11:17
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SA Appendix 3.2 Housing Sites SA NK June 2021 – Page 56
Site Ref NK/BAS/010 Land at Whites Lane Bassingham.

History of the site –
November 2014 – Application 14/1580/FUL submitted for 35 dwellings. The application was approved in May 2016. There were 173 comments submitted of which 171 objected, including the parish council.
For whatever reasons the development did not come to fruition and the permission expired.
August 2019 – Application 19/1089/FUL submitted for 41 dwellings. The application was refused on15th January 2021 and the six months within which to appeal this decision has lapsed. There were 62 comments received, 2 of support and 54 objected, including the parish council.
It became apparent there was an issue between the landowner and the developer involving the purchase price of the site.
The subsequent independent viability study commissioned by the NK Planning Officer concluded that, ‘Based on the figures provided, the applicants appraisal shows a scheme deficit of £114,663.00. The applicant therefore concluded that even before any planning policies were applied the scheme was unviable’.

Current position –
Bassingham Parish Council are of the opinion that it is highly unlikely that this site will be developed. After two unsuccessful applications, by recognised developers, the council requests the withdrawal of this site from the current proposed allocation up to 2025, and the removal of this site from the Bassingham Neighbourhood Plan (BNP) Policy HG2.
In mitigation for the loss of the Whites Lane site the parish council submits that the reserve site NK/BAS/007 is retained in Policy HG3 of the BNP and the current site allocation of the CLLP, with a capacity for 24 dwellings.
Combine this with a proposal for circa 20 wholly Affordable dwellings to the south of Vasey Close off Torgate Lane (the PC together with NKDC planning officers are currently in pre application discussions with a developer to bring this forward imminently), this will satisfy the village and CLLP needs for the duration.

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