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Response #1031104

Response #1031104
From Bassingham Parish Council (mr…
Date Started: 13 Aug 2021 11:21. Last modified: 13 Aug 2021 11:21
Status Complete
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The remaining Growth Level for Bassingham as of 3rd August 2021 is 27 as per the current CLLP.
With the proposals above, if built out during the revised period, the number of dwellings in the village would be 758 – making the figure +9.
Policy S4 is proposing an increase of 333% on the maximum number of dwellings for an ‘infill’ application (currently 3 to rise to 10)
Policy S4 would lead to a flood of development from private individuals submitting applications of up to 10 dwellings in their back gardens (subject to meeting planning criteria).
Would residents of the Parish still be able to comment on these proposals and object if they so wished? Would the Parish Council be able to object and would the Bassingham Neighbourhood Plan be adhered to, in that the village could object on the grounds of being over the Growth Level?
There is the potential for a village such as Bassingham to grow disproportionately (via Policy S4) to the services and infrastructure in place. Without any classified roads and acting as a hub for surrounding smaller villages, we are already experiencing difficulties daily with traffic parking on the High Street.
Bassingham is currently in the middle tier hierarchy and will be reaching the 749 dwellings limit in a relatively short space of time. With no specific target numbers for dwellings stipulated and no upper limit defined, in which hierarchy will Bassingham be placed in the future?
We have been informed that we will remain as a middle tier village for the duration of the plan. This prompts the question which plan?
The CLLP in its entirety and on a rolling basis up to 2040 and beyond, or the draft plan currently under going consultation which will be reviewed again in another 5 years time?

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