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Response #1035522
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Date Started: 25 Aug 2021 17:01. Last modified: 25 Aug 2021 17:01
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Anglian Water wants to play its part in reducing carbon emissions and so we support the Councils’ ambitions set out in para. 3.1.5. and that to do this we can generate energy from renewable sources (bullet 2, para 3.1.9). We support Policy S7 to ensure that we bring forward and future proof our infrastructure through on site energy renewable energy generation. Anglian Water considers that the decentralised approach for energy generation (para 3.2.13) also offers the potential for a more resilient network which will enable critical infrastructure such as water supply and wastewater recycling continue if there are wider network issues. We therefore support Policy S8. As set out above renewable energy development at Anglian Water’s sites also seeks to make most effective use of embedded carbon in existing assets and so complies with CLdLP Policy S10; Embodied Carbon.

Specifically, on Policy S13: Renewable Energy we support the presumption in favour for solar photovoltaics. Anglian Water is pleased to see Policy S14 which seeks to protect the performance of renewable energy projects and potential optimisation of our renewable energy installations. Given that our sites are already in operation and have existing infrastructure if utilised for renewables they reduce the need to develop on less constrained sites which can be used for housing for example or to take up farmland and so introduce development where none previously existed.

One option that we are considering is how renewables can play a part in each sites and our network’s resilience. Anglian Water is looking at innovative battery storage technology which will allow us to store excess energy generated during the day so we can use it at other times. This helps us manage our energy needs more flexibly and maximises the benefit of the renewable energy we’ve produced. With climate change and severe weather events such as flooding we have the potential with solar and a mix of other renewables as well as storage to make sure that communities water supply and wastewater services are maintained even when the wider energy network is affected.

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